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The goblins open their market to all manner of visitors. Find out what sorta hectic fun the goblins get up to day-to-day and experience a little slice of goblin life. Even goblins have dreams of being Meatheads! But something stirs within the mucky warrens of this former place of glory and unbeknownst to the community, they are on the edge of collapse...

Fire in the Hole! is an adventure for use in Meatheads that tackles that big bouncing mess that are goblins. A special adventure for Goblin Week 2024, this adventure is ready to tear out of the package and beat up.  Made with love just for the goblins and the knuckleheads who love them.


  • A 31 room dungeon to slam down in alone or place alongside the upcoming Sea Hill Tomb Megadungeon.
  • A menagerie of goblins to meet, ripe with chances to befriend or befoul the community. Something stinks lower in the caverns... and it ain't just the natural gasses!
  • Weapons, meals, gear and supplements exclusive to the goblin bazaar.
  • Rules for goblin Meatheads! 

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