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Scrawny roleplaying games just not cutting it for you? Had enough of pipsqueak rogues and egghead wizards? Want to be strong enough to bend the rules? Well now you can with the mighty Meatheads tabletop role-playing game!

Linked by Chainmail, tempered by OD&D and hammered with inspiration from Whitehack, Wolves Upon the Coast, and Troika! Meatheads is a dungeon crawler through and through - all buff, no fluff.

Fans of Conan the Barbarian, Masters of the Universe, Hercules, Bodybuilding and Wrestling will feel right at home. 

With easy to read stats that can be converted for use in other old-school adjacent tabletop role-playing games, Meatheads can adventure into nearly any compatible old school adventure with a little hacking. Meatheads beats any system!

  • Character Creation and How to Play.
  • Guidelines for Referees.
  • B/W and printer friendly

The Skin-&-Bones Edition is a text only copy of the released v1 rules of Meatheads! While lacking adonic artwork this booklet contains the rules needed for players to create Meatheads and tips and tools for referees to run sessions. A small but mighty addition to any collection! The Meatheads rules will always be free for everyone, but for those who needs a little more bones we are Kickstarting a fully-illustrated book that includes a 250+ room megadungeon.

Feel free to Join the Meatheads Discord, and talk gains with other Meatheads! We're friends now!

Check out the Meatheads Collection!

A plaintext version of the system is available HERE!

Happening December 12th to February 26th!

The very exciting Meatheads Jam!

Meatheads is created by:

Appendix M: Conan the Barbarian, Conan the Destroyer, Beastmaster, The Barbarians, Pumping Iron, Brock Samson, Baki, Hercules, Beowulf, The Iliad, Predator, Ator the Fighting Eagle, The Sword and the Sorcerer, Conquest, Red Sonja,  Action Movie Stars (Sylvester Stallone, Jean Claude Van Damme, Dolph Lundgren, etc), Body builders (Ronnie Coleman, Sally McNeil, Eugen Sandow, etc), Arnold Schawrzenegger, Carl Weathers, Action Boyz Podcast, The Dumbbells Podcast.

Meatheads is coming to print in 2024! Fully illustrated, full color.
Including a 200+ room Mega-Dungeon.

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TagsAction RPG, dnd, meatheads, OSR, Tabletop role-playing game
Average sessionA few hours


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This is incredible. There’s no better word. This is raw, condensed power, ready for play. I have just one question. What do you recommend for a former wizard that is trying to reform themselves?


Thank you kindly! I have one piece of advice: renounce the dark arts and lift my friend.


This is fantastic. Amidst a sea of OD&D-inspired quasi-retroclones, hacks, revisions, reinterpretations, reimaginings, reskinnings, and what have you, Meatheads stands out.

It's well-written, imaginative, and has an air of whimsy. Looking forward to playing this.


What do I even say??

Some things are too great to be shared with this world. 

Thanks for doing it anyways!


One of thee freshest OD&D/Chainmail hacks I've seen in ages. Can we get a single pages version of the ashcan version for home booklet printing though?


I will whip Eric into shape!





fuck wizards


Yes! Looking forward to getting stuck into this.


Save some talent for the rest of us, man. This absolutely blew me out of the park. This is so pure.
I love it. I'm gonna go live my best Meathead life, now.


you're too kind big man 🙏