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You are a pig farmer; you adore your pigs. Speaking of their beautiful heft brings tears to your eyes. Sweet cherubs knowing nothing of the world. The extent of the cruelty man commits is rebuked by their muddy pen. You would die for them - you would absolutely kill for them. Treachery from hungry neighbors, soldiers, and hog thieves is a nightly horror which rattles your mind. 

Swine is a scenario for use in the Violence system by Luke Gearing and -as far as I know- is compatible with his game, The Country. It can be played solo, but is better commiserated with friends.

Made by Mark Conway.
Assets from the public domain.

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Buy Now$3.00 USD or more

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I'm fairly new to RPG and I have a question regarding weapons. What it means when it says something like "machineguns at -4 to hit"? When is that -4 number used?

Hi there, thank you for your comment. 

The -4 is deducted from the total result of the d20 you roll when firing your weapon.

I will further link you to the original rules of Violence, which are used for this adventure, and you may find helpful. 

I am glad to be apart of your foray into RPGs! I hope you have fun reading and playing :)

Thanks for the reply, that makes sense. 

I am looking at the Violence rules and also The Country game but wondering how this works for the hills and neighbors section:

When encountering a neighbor they start at a distance of d20x10 feet from you.

I didn't find any rules regarding movement mechanics.

Good point! The distance is more for firing range, but I can see how movement range would be helpful.  Usually in play, when someone wants to move closer I will have them just spend their turn getting as close as they want. Its a bit more free form, so I hope this makes sense! There is also nothing wrong with setting a foot limit for players "i.e. you can run 50 ft during your turn." 


Got it. Thanks again!


Saw this on TikTok and immediately bought it. Excited to play. That said, my dude, you gotta provide a version with a white background for those of us printing it!

awesome!! also you’re totally right, i will add a white background version and throw it up soon! 

Thank you!


Fantastic scenario, works incredibly well with the Country, would absolutely recommend!